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Sucks to be you(week 1)

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  • BroncoFanNC
    What about the jerk that cut blocked Pouncey's (his own teammates) leg and tore his MCL and ACL?

    Imagine having to watch that game tape over.

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  • #87Birdman
    Actually the refs didn't only enforce Matthews because they enforced both but since they were a dead ball it should have stayed fourth down.

    Instead they offset them and replayed third down. So they offset they just did it wrong.

    I will go with Thursday game. The special team player from the ravens who ran into Jones.

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  • InsaneBlaze23
    started a topic Sucks to be you(week 1)

    Sucks to be you(week 1)

    Week 1 had a lot of nice plays, good games, and solid wins for teams. But what we also saw was a lot issues from both college and pro.

    So the point of this thread is to name a player or players you think it'd suck to be this morning and why.

    I'll start with Michigan QB Devon Gardner. When most people see his highlights and box scores from the ND-Michigan game, they think to praise. For those who are actually watched it, it was filled with boneheaded mistakes. ND was pressuring him on the 1yrd line, instead of going down for the sack(which would have been a safety) Gardner throws the ball while falling and gets picked off.

    We saw the same thing yesterday in the NFL, Big Ben was being pressured and threw the ball while falling and got picked off.

    Another person it'd suck to be this morning is Lavonte David, whom likely single handedly handed his team a lost. A Jets player was already headed out of bounds, a play that would have had Geno Smith end the game with a hail Mary turned into a Jets winning situation.

    I'd also suck to be David Wilson whom put the ball on the ground a couple times during the Giants-Cowboys game. It's one thing to fumble, it's another to be a starting RB who fumbles, it's another thing to be a starting running back whom fumbles on Tom Coughlins team.

    Lastly to end my list of people it'd suck to be, the NFL officials during the Packers-Niners game. Whom are waking up today to every sport website and sport channel talking about them blowing it. On what should have been off set penalties, the refs only enforced the penalty on Clay Matthews putting the Niners in position for a TD. If they would have done their job right, the penalties was to off set leaving Niners in field goal position but on 4th down.

    So again who would you say (single player or refs) had such a bad game it'd suck to be them this morning?