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Chiefs vs Bills

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  • Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    Horrible game. The Bills had every opportunity to win this game. Tuel is not a bad QB at all. 6 dropped passes, INT's in bad situations, not being able to score in the end zone.

    KC has no offense what so ever. They will not be able to win like this against us and SD. Both our teams will force them to play offense. They have zero TD 's on offense. Ridiculous.

    Don't turn the ball over and stop the run, you win. Simple as that.
    Shoot we can still turn the ball over and still win. Chief have no O what so ever


    • Jets best the Saints. SD tied up with Skins - OT
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      • Just went to the chiefs board and there celebrating like they one the super bowl. difference is if our team played that bad our board will look like the sky is falling.

        That's our high expectations. I guess chief fans or ok with playing like garbage


        • I'm enjoying Shanny beat SD in OT

          Thanks for everything Shanny!

          Too bad the Chiefs are so lucky ..... it's gonna be a hard fall when they 1 and done in the playoffs
          The beatings will continue until morale improves....


          • I predicted what would be said on this board before it was said, you guys are so predictable, lol.

            If you look closely at the past, you'll notice Kansas City has a problem with Buffalo. Kansas City struggling against them isn't a surprise. I realize the thought of 'they can never keep up with our offense' makes everyone here giddy, but you will be in for a rude awakening.

            Kansas City was able to beat the 15-1 Packers in 2011, the same year they got slaughtered by Buffalo 41-7. While they were much better at the time they played GB, the fact is they can bring their A game against great pass attacks, and hold them down. They have many of the same players they did that year and are an even better defense with Houston coming alive the way he has.

            Denver is better built to blow away bad teams, but that won't matter when they face a defense like KC's.

            Also, with Keenum's performance today, it seems them 'getting lucky facing a back up' may not be as significant as many want to think, seems he is playing better than Schaub this year.
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