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  • Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    And didn't they have two drives where the refs walked them down the field with flags? I seem to remember one where they bailed them out of a bad 4th down call and a bad 3rd and long call. Both calls were pretty chincy.
    They sure did, early in the game- both very chincy calls as you mentioned. The Patriots are just used to getting all the borderline calls and it's just not happening for them this year. Well, welcome to how the rest of the league has been living since the inception of the tuck rule.


    • Originally posted by Chillez View Post
      I think it wasn't PI but holding, but regardless Gronk was too far away from the football to make any type of play. Brady pass was way under thrown. In any event I think the INT would've happened anyway but the refs should of called defensive holding.
      You can't call holding once the ball is in the air so that is not applicable in this situation.


      • Originally posted by GoManning View Post
        Peyton's Head ‏@PeytonsHead 47m

        Watch the replay. Gronkowski didn't even protest or react until the flag came out, then he applauded what he thought was a freebie.
        That's my take on it as well :thumb:


        • Originally posted by fallforward3y+ View Post
          As for the game, great job of clock control by the Panthers. Holding a team to 7 possessions is pretty good. When you actually execute it well, the clock control formula can work very well.
          Both teams had seven possessions. NE ran 13 more plays and 8 more first downs.
          "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus