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Wouldn't It Be Bizarre If Rodgers Returned And Won The Division???

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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    I admit it, Green Bay's second on my priority list. I love the way Rodgers plays the game, plus I like a number of the other dudes as well.
    Were you a Farve fan? Was it hard for you when Elway & the Broncos played Farve & the Packers in the Super Bowl?


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      Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
      Anything can happen. It's not like the Super Bowl team had lights out defense, they got to the Super Bowl because Rodgers was able to put up more points than the other team and because of turn over ratio. But teams still put up points and gained a lot of yards on that team and the team that lost in a shoot out to Arizona.

      The 3 teams aren't that different from each other realistically.
      Aah, the way our minds can tell us what we want to think if we try hard enough lol.

      The Packers gave up 15 ppgs in 2010, 2nd in scoring defense. 5th in yards allowed.
      The Packers in 2009 gave up 18.9 ppgs, good for 7th and had the 2nd yardage defense. The 51-45 was just a freak game where their defense played uncharachteristically bad.

      The Packers this year had the 25th yardage defense, and gave up 26.8 ppgs which is also 25th.

      So this team is significantly different defensively speaking.
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        Originally posted by CanDB View Post
        You make good points......BUT, sometimes it comes down to a team's momentum and chemistry, and even though I believe San Fran is a better team, there is evidence that they are not last year's team.......which means GB, who is riding a new high, has a chance, at home.

        One thing for sure, watching a rusty Rodgers fling the ball with such velocity and quickness, is a thing of beauty. The more he plays, the more accurate he will become. Perhaps it's too late this season, but as an aside, I forgot what a great release he has, and how small the windows can be for him to be moving the chains. And imagine how special he is when he can trust his ability to run.
        The main thing I'm worried about is GB pulling off something like what SEA or DEN did in 2010 and 2011 to better teams. I'm guessing it had something to do with those teams being juiced to have a home game, whereas the superior wild card teams were thinking 'ugh' when they had to go on the road despite being good enough record wise for the 2 or 3 seed. Perhaps the 12-4 49ers will suffer the same fate.

        Rodgers is a very good QB, but SFO has gone 3-0 against GB with a healthy Rodgers in the Harbaugh era. There seems to be a match up issue at hand in favor of SFO. A lot of times, those will stifle momentum.

        Indy had all the momentum in the world going into 2008 POs, and got beat by San Diego for instance. San Diego the next year, got beat by the Jets when they had all the momentum.

        GB's defense is not very good, and I doubt their run game will be effective versus SFO. That's a recipe for disaster in the playoffs. When GB won the SB, they had a top defense.


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          Originally posted by ELWAY421 View Post
          Were you a Farve fan? Was it hard for you when Elway & the Broncos played Farve & the Packers in the Super Bowl?
          No I wasn't a Brett fan, although I appreciated his ability to play the game. In fact, I lost a lot of respect for him in the following years. Conversely I really liked the whole Rodgers' story, and how he sat back patiently behind the starter/legend, waiting and wondering if and when his day would come. And I thought it was gutsy for Green Bay to hand the ball over to him, and make that final cut with Favre. And to see him grow into a top tier QB, at times the best of the bunch, has been a fun ride.

          So no, there was absolutely zero conflict with us beating Green Bay on that SB day, which was one of my favourite sports events ever. And there won't be no matter who we play. But as you may appreciate, beating some teams is more fun than others. So in that regard, beating Brett would be a better outcome than beating Aaron. Just a matter of degree. I just look forward to the next time I hear those words, "Denver Broncos win the SB!!!"

          Perhaps in just over a month!!!
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