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I Am Sick Of Hearing About The Cowboys, Redskins, Patriots, and Seahawks....

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    They're talking about the Bronocs plenty -- the only reason people are trying to make an insane argument that anyone but Manning deserves MVP this year is because people are suffering from Manning and Broncos fatigue. (Not me, of course, but I can understand how non-fans are tired about hearing how great he is.)


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      Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
      These two nailed it on the head

      I was listening to ESPN this morning and Jaws was doing nothing but being awestruck over what Manning has done this year. Also briefly listened to Mad Dog Radio and the host shot down a Pats fan that insisted Brady should be MVP this year. The host said no way it's anyone else but Manning.

      But this one nailed it better. We are the drama free team. We are supposed to be winning like this all the time. It's only dramatic news when someone beats us and provides a so called blue print for how to stop us. Funny how everytime an elite team loses it's a so called blueprint. If it was a blueprint how come only two teams have beat us since Indy?

      The Seattle love is over the tope and a bit annoying. Especially after a loss yesterday at home that proves they are no less vulnerable at home than we are. But the media is obsessed with their overal agressive often times illegal style of defense.

      But with the other stories the drama is always around the NFC East and who will get into the playoffs. Media is huge east coast bias. So naturally anything Brady does and the NFC East teams do is all they want to talk about. It's where a majority of listeners are.

      Broncos have everything clinched but the 1 seed. Which should be ours this week and it's no drama because there is no reason we shouldn't handle them. If we don't we don't deserve the 1 seed. So not much drama surrounding our final game. Other than the shock of a loss again.

      Outside of that there are tons of intriguing playoff implication games this weekend. Espeically in the NFC where I believe only 2 spots are locked up.

      so yes I feel the OP's pain but it's to be expected.
      Because it's not enough to try a blue print, you have to execute it as well. Indy's corners had the ball skills to make plays versus Denver's receivers, but the more talked about blue print was pressuring Peyton. Here comes the problem, most teams front 7s can't get a rush against the Broncos line. Even the Chiefs couldn't do it, with Houston and Hali. The quick release and the pass protection are a deadly combination for killing pass rush.

      However, they did lay out a blue print on how to beat Denver, blue print doesn't mean some easy way everyone can beat them. It just lays out a way to get around Denver's superior passing game, since most secondaries can't handle Denver's receivers.


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        It seems no matter how much respect or attention gets, some fans always find a way to have a persecution complex. They talk about Denver plenty, I have no idea where people get some of their ideas.

        Stop acting like a jealous child, a playoff contender losing their QB and another one losing probably their best offensive weapon will be talked about.

        Relax, one of your parents will come read you a bed time story and give you hot chocolate when their done with your baby sister.


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          On a related news: Jerry Jones pats himself for signing Kyle Orton! (per pft)

          That just made my day. But I feel bad for the Cowboys fans seriously. Hopefully for them the running game cover for their offence.
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            Originally posted by Louich View Post
            On a related news: Jerry Jones pats himself for signing Kyle Orton! (per pft)

            That just made my day. But I feel bad for the Cowboys fans seriously. Hopefully for them the running game cover for their offence.
            How fun would it be to end up with a Bronco/Cowboy SB now?!?!

            Or, if we can't make it, a SF/KC SB???
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              I'm sick of seeing the pathetic NFC East teams always on SNF. I hate that division. Always have.


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                i rarely watch any sports shows anymore, i just go online and watch the segments i want to watch. that goes for TV in general actually, i hate 80% of everything on TV lol