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Mike Shanahan expected to be fired

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    He deserved it.


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      Snyder purchased the team in 1999. Since then he has had 7-coaches with the next one being the 8th in 13-years. Eight of those 13 years were Gibbs and Shanahan.

      Snyder over-ruled Shanahan who wanted Tannehill. Snyder made the decisions that got them into their financial situation; some might argue the NFL treated them unfairly, but it was Snyder's doing that got them in cap trouble and no draft picks.

      In revolt, many of the fans are not renewing season tickets.

      Who in their right mind would ever want to coach there?
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        Originally posted by broncolassiter View Post
        Shanny wanted to be fired and i can't say I blame him. Snyder is to meddlesome and RG3 was allowed to go directly to Snyder. I can see Huston hiring Shanny and will be surprised if they don't. Shanny needs to give up the GM role and drop Kyle as his OC. GM is to much responsibility for a HC and Kyle is his son, Coaching is not a good place to have family working for you.
        Yeah, I think Shanahan will land on his feet. The guy is one of the best coaches of all-time and if it didn't work in Washington, it speaks to how messed up things were there.

        Houston would be a great landing spot for Shanahan, but I suspect that would depend on how much pull Rick Smith has.

        I agree about Kyle, but for a slightly different reason. I think Kyle Shanahan is one of the best young offensive minds in the game today, but when you work for your dad, it's a no-win situation. Anything good he does would be attributed to Mike and anything bad that happens gets tagged to you and the nepotism card gets played. Not to mention it can't be pleasant for him to hear all the crap that gets thrown his dad's way. Since Kubiak was fired too, he should just team up with Mike wherever they go next (except Houston I guess) and let Kyle build his own career.
        Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.