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    They have a thread where a guy argues that Baldwin >DT - no need to waste your time there.


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      Stats, Stats, and more is and always be about match ups. Name one opponent Seattle has faced who had 4 legitimate threats on offense? I can not identify one team that has even 3 premier skill players...we have 5. I do not think we are so good we can afford to leave points on the field like we have the past two weeks, but slowing this offense down is holding it to 30 imo. I have faith in Gase to have a great game plan and Manning and co to have a full grasp of the plan and great execution. Do not need stats, don't care what we did against Indy, SD, or NE...those are completely different match ups.
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        What I find funny, as I do live in Seattle, is that they think that as Broncos peeps we have some kind of glee in calling them the Seachickens and Sehags and whatnot and that it's disrespectful or something. I have called the Broncos the "Donks" for forever. Even in affection.

        Yet, I checked out some thread at their .net and they have this huge problem with us calling their team "names".

        Let me tell you something. When I moved here in 1999 there was basically NO ONE who didn't refer to them as the "Seachickens". Now they're all fans! Surprise surprise! They think it's super hilarious to refer to what we already know.

        Sweet. Yeah, yeah. The Donkeys, we get it. They're the ones who invented the moniker of "seachickens" back when they sucked. I've always, since I've been here referred to them as the 'Hawks or Seahawks and I intersperse "donks" here and there when referring to the Broncos.


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          Originally posted by Chillez View Post
          Haha I saw that too. Seahawks fans.
          Though I do give him a lot of credit for putting this together (a lot of work), The Broncos had more than 107 first downs on offense all year, and the Broncos didn't play the Packers on 1/12.

          Credit to him for the work though.
          Go Broncos!!!


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            The thread was better than most. Historically, I've found that very few find data type posts all that interesting. I've always been fond of #'s and how they compute. That coupled with long-winded posts like that usually simply get ignored and quite frankly unless someone adds to it or discusses it, it is simply not worth the time it takes to create it.

            I'm quite fond of charts. and having everything laid out like that. Hats off to him for his post/effort.


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              I wonder how many Seattle fans have been fans for more than 5 years? I suspect 10 maybe 20. Lol


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                I just went over here and congratulated them...

                For the most part the responses are "thank you" and calling me "classy" as I tried to represent ALL Bronco fans.

                I was congratulating while wishing we actually showed up for the fight so to speak.

                They deserve kudos since their team actually showed up to play a game.
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