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Buccaneers to change logo & helmet

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    Originally posted by RealBronco View Post
    This argument is just stupid. Either the uniform looks bad or it looks good, but saying it looks like an XFL uniform means nothing.
    I totally disagree with you. Saying that it looks like an XFL uniform actually means a lot.

    There is a certain aesthetic to NFL uniforms that has been universally recognizable for decades. Styles, logos, and colors have changed, but all teams have generally adhered to certain parameters--similar logo size and placement on the helmet, similar locations on the jersey and pants for alternate color trim, a certain stylistic spectrum within which jersey numbering and lettering was done, etc. NFL uniforms have been very recognizable as such, and they have always had a different style or "feel" than college football, Arena Football, the XFL, and the like. Saying something "looks like an NFL jersey" carries a lot of meaning in describing the overall style and aesthetic of the item being so described.

    Similarly, XFL jerseys had their own unique aesthetic. They were louder and more aggressive, used more contrast and bolder colors, and had more variety in logo size and placement than NFL uniforms. An XFL uniform was instantly recognizable as belonging to that league, even if you weren't familiar with that particular team. Saying that these new Bucs uniforms look like they came from the XFL carries a lot of meaning as to their style and overall aesthetic. Some people may like the more aggressive look, and that's legitimate if they do, but it's obvious that with these new uniforms Tampa Bay is distancing itself from "traditional" NFL uniform norms.


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      Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
      Browns jerseys are fine the way they are and should be left alone with the exception of the hideous brown pants - leave them white.
      That is what i was referring to was the brown pants, don't matter how you slice it brown pants just looks bad.