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Gosselin: Here's my four-step plan to fix the NFL

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    Ugh! Enough already. Do people not understand the concept of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. It's like they think change every so often is a requirement even when you have a great system in place.

    How is who a team plays in their 17th game going to be determined?
    Why expand the playoffs? 6 teams is fine, we don't need another team there and make it easier for a team to get in. It should be hard to make the playoffs, by winning enough in the regular season. I don't want this to become something where the regular season is almost irrelevant. Teams that can't make the top 6 in their conference shouldn't have a shot at the SB.

    Why is not having a team in LA such a big problem? That city is not a big football city, despite the amount of people there. Green Bay, WI is not even a top 100 most populous city in the United States and they have a team, San Antonio, TX is the 8th largest city in the US and doesn't have one, and Texas is pretty much the ultimate football state of the world. If any US city should get more games, it should be them.

    The NFL is already making plenty of money, so this obsession with getting football to a city they THINK will be a big market is not really needed. San Antonio would probably bring in much more support for football than Los Angeles, or maybe Austin.


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      Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post
      There are thousands of fans in Britain and across Europe. These are some of the most dedicated fans in the world.

      We stay up until 4/5 in the morning for SNF/MNF even when we have to be up for work 2 hours later.

      We spend thousands flying to the States to catch games (I have been to 3 Denver games)

      Wembley has 3 games this season....... out of 256 that are being played. If you truly want to deny them this then I guess thats your mindset smh
      Your taking this WAY too personally, nobody wants to deprive anybody of football.

      I wish the whole world had football teams they could watch, or play and/or try out for.

      Unfortunately, this is not the case. Football is mostly an American sport, and the only pro leagues are in America. The NFL can't play games in every country, and long flights SUCK. Making players constantly go on very long flights constantly would be a pain in the you know what, and the 17th game screws everything up format wise.

      Nobody wants to deprive you of football, but imagine how fans in say, Mexico or India, or Australia or Japan must feel. They don't even get the 3 games a year, or even one. You need to stop taking it personally or as some attack on British fans, most fans outside of America get NO live games to go see.


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        1. The NFL does not need a fix. It is argueably the most successful buisness in the world. With that said every buisness needs growing options but how a idea is worded and presented means everything.
        2. I like some of the ideas. Playing extra games on a neutral field could be interesting. Think more work needs to be done on that though.
        3. Where do people get re-alignment...did you guys read it or was it me that missed something...I read those two "splits" are the ones that will play in London or LA...nothing else changes right?...See number 1
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          Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
          That's just for the neutral game, man, not a complete realign.
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            If the NFL has to be tweaked this wouldn't be a bad way to do it. Not that it needs fixing mind you, but compared to some of Goodells initiatives the OP makes a lot of sense.

            Solves the London/LA issues in a viable way...