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    if the jets lose both of their next games and denver wins next week would we have he tiebreaker over them

    they play NE and the rams so there is a decent chance that they will lose both games

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    Are you sure that's right? I was just looking at the wildcard tiebreaking procedures, and because they didn't play the jets, the next tiebreaker is conf record. Assuming Jets lose today and next week and Broncs win next week, they'd both have the same 7-5 record. Next tiebreaker is record in common opponents, min of 4. Common opponents for both teams are Cincy, SD, Miami and Houston. Jets are 5-0 vs those teams, while Broncs are 3-2.


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      yeha, if we make it it'll be as a 6th seed and we'll be playing the Colts at their place again. They better not skorch us again, that's the reason we went out and beefed up our sweet would that be to shut them down at home in the playoffs, maybe then people here will stop saying Bailey is a dud.

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