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Cowboys mail out playoff tickets to season ticket holders already.

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  • Cowboys mail out playoff tickets to season ticket holders already.


    I'm think it's going to be real hard making it at 8-8.
    “They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.”

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      An excellent idea, and a smart one too. People who have the actual tickets in hand will be much more likely to pay for them should they become usable. And it WILL put an end to any anxiety regarding getting your playoff tickets in the mail in time.

      I've been there.

      I wish the Broncos would do it. Or would have done it, rather.

      Last year, in the middle of the year, the Broncos switched thousands of fans to ticketless cards. They issued plastic credit card like cards to us, and we left our paper tickets at home. The last few regular season game tickets are still attached to the "sheets" they come on. I used the cards instead.

      However, I got my usual two sheets of paper tickets this year. I expected just a couple of cards and a set of parking passes, but got the usual big envelope instead.

      I'm told next year we will be going to the cards. There was some problem, and they could not make them in time, so they just sent us regular tickets instead. We will still get the cards, but later, and they will only be good for discounts and points when we use them buying stuff.

      It's some gimmick the team got sold, like the little TV's a few years ago.

      But it's clearly the future. That, and just scanning tickets on phones, (already in use), will be the way most people enter games going forward. Going the way of lots of other paper products.

      Looks like it'll be a few years till the bugs are all worked out, lol.

      Anyway, those should be cool collectibles in the future. I still have all my un-used (for games that never happened here) Broncos playoff tickets in with all the rest of them. Mostly AFC championship tickets. From 2012 for example.

      We still get the whole package, even though as the article says, they changed how they charge us for them.

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        This was actually a really smart and efficient way to do things. However before they sent them they should have released a statement informing the public that they are doing this not to hint they will be going to the playoffs, but that it was for efficiency purposes only. Overall this is reflecting badly on the Cowboys because of the folks that don't fully understand why the organization did this.