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Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted in child injury case

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    The only reason the Vikings reversed their decision is because they were losing sponsors. Just another example of media sticking their nose where it don't belong. Peterson was wrong but he did that because his mother did it to him. It was how he learned to discipline.

    One of my grandparents years ago would make the child being disciplined go and cut a switch to be beat with. For years a switch was a common method for discipline, until children services said you can't do that. Everyone has their way of discipline and sometimes others don't agree with a persons way because they're convinced they're way is better. Parents spank because they were spanked. My dad used to whip us with a leather belt. I however did not copy that method with my children as I found grounding was more effective. My children often told me they would rather have been spanked. I turned out just fine so I can not say my dad way was wrong. My children also turned out good, so who is to say which way is better.

    Now if you go to spank your child, they would just say they will call children services if you do. As a nation we have given to much power to outside organizations to tell us what we can and cannot do. I fear for future generations because they get in trouble for disciplining their children. Spare the rod and spoil the child.


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      A petition has been filed for the protection of Adrian Peterson's son. Based on the letter of the law, when a child has substantial injuries, they are required to do this.
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        Using the "my parents did it to me, so I'm doing it to my kids" is just a poor, sad excuse.

        My 3 siblings and I were quite often the victims of abuse intended for my father was just a hot head and grabbed whatever was within reach when my mother irritated him enough to take it out on us kids...a ping pong paddle lined with rubber, a belt, a flyswatter, and even a yardstick that was broken when used on my older sister. It was just that worn out....

        No child deserves to be beaten, which is what Adrian Peterson did to his son. Spanking with the hand once and only once is enough....beating with a switch is just barbaric. I have an only child who will be 24 next month and she will tell anyone who asks that I only spanked her once....just once with my bare hand...and that was enough. I was NOT going to become my parents. Break the cycle.
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