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    Orton is a good stop gap QB. And that's what you need.
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      Originally posted by Jonny_Quest View Post
      Well now you'll get to experience the "Looks like Mose Schrute, plays like Jane" era.

      I think some people here are forgetting how painful it was to watch Orton. It's not just his inability to lead, or the phantom sacks. His utter mediocrity and lack of passion just siphons all of the energy out of his teammates and the fans.

      It's really hard to describe, but you'll know the feeling by the end of the season. You'll look at his stats and think "hey, he's not so bad." But watching him will drain all of the joy out of watching your team. You won't even be able to enjoy your stellar defense...that's how powerful his lame-ification field is.

      My advice? Stick with Manuel. Enjoy the spectacle of his complete incompetence. Make a meme of the season. You and your friends will have some fun memories. Orton's time will just be this gray and dreary 7-9 smudge in your memory. Worse, it might provide just enough false hope to drag it out another season.
      Liked this post. I remember how I hoped Kyle would be the answer and how disappointed i was left feeling as the Orton era unfolded. He throws a pretty ball but that is it for superlatives. He is passionless in a sport that feeds off of emotion. You are better off with Manuel.

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        Smart veteran QB, understands routes, reads, and progressions
        Polished and accurate passer, can put up big yards
        Was arguably best backup in league and better than the starter on 10 teams

        Emotionless, prone to not give a **** which spreads to his team and fan base
        Scared of getting hit, drops instantly under pressure
        Not good in the redzone, rarely steps up to a critical moment
        Not athletic in any sense, meh arm

        He's truly average. For some teams, that's an upgrade though.


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          Kyle " the feignting goat" orton
          when do native Americans become human and not mascots


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            He's got no guts. I've never seen a guy pass for as many yards as he could yet not score. If there was a stat for yards per point he'd be near the all time highest. Not only check down...but wouldn't even take a chance with the game on the line.

            I never liked him here. Finally at 6-0 his first year I started to....then we ended 8-8. He'll move the ball between the 20s at his best. At his worst...well let's just say after Orton's 1-4 Tebow led us to the playoffs.

            John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.


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              Kyle, "I see phantom ghosts" Orton!
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                Lol, I think judging by the reactions the op can see the love-hate relationship.

                I started watching NFL & started supporting the Broncos when KO was at the helm, so I have a soft spot for him. He throws a great spiral, had good accuracy... but yeah he went down like a sack of spuds when his radar told him someone was within 50 feet

                That said, our OL was awful, so he was bricking himself most plays.

                Bring on Week 14 though, it won't be ghosts he'll be worried about


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                  he is a solid vet backup but just a bandaid. it's a shame because the bills are a very solid team outside of the QB position.


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                    Originally posted by Bills_Fan 1 View Post
                    I can tell you with absolute certainty; EJ is dunzo. Since you are presumably far too preoccupied watching a team play in games that actually matter to pay much attention to Buffalo, I will forgive you for such a heinous transgression. The best way to describe him to people who have not really paid much attention is that EJ "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane". Besides the fact that he strongly resembles a chipmunk with PTSD every time he drops back to pass, it is quite clear from the body language of his receivers that they have quit on him.

                    As for Orton, you guys have done a great job elucidating what I can expect from him, despite my initial question being a little too open ended. I guess what I should have asked, is Orton smart enough to give the balls to his play makers (I still stubbornly hold on to the hope that Watkins, Williams, and especially Woods can form a lethal receiving corps), or will he, like EJ be too terrified to throw anything not in the general vicinity of his second string half back? If our defense can continue to hold teams to 20 or less points, is he good enough to land us a victory, or will he, like his predecessors find new and intriguing ways to piss all over our changes?

                    Thanks again guys (and gals?).
                    Kyle Orton is a precision passing game manager. He has limited mobility and not great arm strength. Think of a younger Brian Griese. Same strengths and weaknesses.

                    The key is that Buffalo's OL will have to be great at pass-blocking to get much out of Orton. His mobility is about like Peyton Manning's. As for his decision making, he makes bad decisions when he's pressured. As others have noted he doesn't like to get hit and will go down to protect himself at times.

                    In addition, while he's reasonably accurate, he's never going to be considered a great passer. Teams tend to blitz him a lot because it forces him into bad throws and because he will get happy feet and get rid of the ball too quickly to avoid taking a hit. Expect teams to blitz him a LOT because he's the Anti-Peyton Manning in that regard.

                    Manning is the best in the NFL at handling the blitz and loves it when teams try it because he automatically sees it and throws immediately into the vacated area. Orton can't handle pressure well.

                    As you can see from this article, he's not great with the media either:

                    a crowd of cameras and reporters waited for him, trying to get him to say something interesting about a story already filled with intrigue. But Orton wouldn't bite. He stood with his arms folded, wearing a Bills visor and sporting a mustache that's been growing for the last few weeks, and he didn't take the bait.

                    "Why will you run this offense better than EJ (Manuel) did?" one reporter asked.

                    "I'm not saying that I will," Orton responded. "And that's a loaded question. That's a crap question."


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                      Bills fans should definitely try to get into a Bills practice......that's where Orton truly practice. He will look unstoppable there and give you playoff aspirations.


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                        How did Orton get that 5 million from Buffalo, anyways?

                        I was never a fan of Neckbeard and the only time I saw him play was during the pre-season game against the (wait for it)


                        This was in 2011 (which led to Tebowmania)and even though the Broncos won the pre-season game, Orton looked mediocre at best.

                        Best of luck Bills fan.
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                          Get ready for Marcus mariota. Starting Orton means the towel has been thrown, not only on the season but for Manuel as well. Manuel needs more time, he'd be fine if they would give him time to develop.

                          People are hating on Rex for sticking with smith but that's the best decision. Vick isn't going to take them to the playoffs so you might as well take your lumps with smith because he can still improve unlike Vick. Player development, and qbs need more time than anyone.


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                            Kyle "Orton hears a boo" is awful. You should have asked each of these guys (that posted a reply) this question in October 2011, after Orton lost the first 6 games in a row. Everyone thought Orton was terrible. Every Denver fan was crying to bench him. And yes, every Bronco fan, including those on this forum were screaming for Tebow to start. I was there, I heard you. So Buffalo Bills fan....your question should be why would Buffalo take a losing record QB like Orton over a proven winner like Tebow who is ready and hungry to play.


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                              I think allot of Bronco fans are giving the former Bronco more love then he deserves

                              Will try to remember exactly what Steve Young said because honestly I think he hit the nail right on the head when it comes to orton

                              Something along this....When Orton sees pressure coming his quality of play goes downhill...well all Qbs do if you are honest....but Orton's level of play goes down further and faster then any other Qb when he sees the pressure coming.

                              Back to my words...I think this is why Orton is such a great practice QB....he knows he will never get hit. If I was a coach I would allow Orton to get hit in practice in an effort to help him get over his "fear" or whatever it is, of pressure.

                              He takes sacks in which no one touches him when under pressure. He makes most of his mistakes under pressure. If he has a clean pocket...he will look like Tom Brady. Unfortunately in the NFL every Qb will face pressure every game.
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                                That's a beautiful mustache... Orton looks ready to carve up that Lions D for 7 TDs.
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