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***Official Chiefs @ Raiders Thursday Night Football Game Thread***

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  • Originally posted by dizzolve View Post

    Baph what has happened to Oliver? That dude looked unstoppable his first couple games but ever since he's been locked down
    to me its a combination of putrid run blocking and teams focusing on him more. when he had those good games defenses were not really focusing on stopping him.

    he is still good, he is a powerful runner but he just doesn't have the speed mathews has. he is a decent 3rd string change of pace back for us but he is no ryan mathews.

    we may use him a lot in the redzone since Mathews loves to fumble down there and he is hard to locate for defenses since he is so short, which works well in short yardage situations..


    • Yeah Oliver looked unstoppable in his breakout 1st couple games. It was scary
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....