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Detroit vs. New England

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    Originally posted by ItsTimeTB View Post
    What about the Rams game?
    Well, Denver doesn't play in Foxboro every week so what do you mean
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      The Pats were sharp today.


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        Detroit's defense played better in the second half but their In week 1 I thought they'd be a good offensive team but this was a pretty bad performance after their first few possessions. NE has a great defense especially against the pass, but this isn't the first bad performance by their offense.

        They were too 'deep pass happy' IMO, I think they should have tried to keep the down and distance more in their favor. Their defense should have played better though. NE avoided the run, which should have helped Detroit's pass rush, but they gave Brady a lot of time.

        Good news for them though, is that their remaining schedule looks pretty easy aside from the game in GB, and plus NE seems to give everyone a hard time especially in Foxboro, so it's not too bad of a loss, but this team needs some work if they're going to win in the playoffs IMO.


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          I'm glad they let go of Mankins and brought in a dependable TE in Wright. Took a while for the O-line to get right but man our defense is really unbelievable.
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