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Redskins Planning to Start McCoy Over RG3

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    Originally posted by Peanut View Post
    He was also Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    I agree with JT (post #5). It seemed after his injury, he just wasn't the same. Hubby thinks it's because they tried to change his style to prevent further injuries and become more of a pocket passer.

    Comparisons are okay, but please don't turn this into a Tebow thread.
    I completely agree with you about that last sentence!


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      Sorry if this was mentioned, but I believe The Washington Post reported that RGIII will likely not be back next season.

      Boy, talk about an accelerated rise and fall, so quickly! Sure, his injury has a lot to do with it. But other things are not adding up, like the way he speaks out at times. He may be more of a in-house problem than we even know. And some of this seems to be a lack of focus or whatever, if he is missing reads.

      By the same token, how effective would Wilson be if he didn't have that amazing run ability? I think he would be ok, but not that effective.
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