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    IMO you can't be the MVP if your team hovered around .500 and missed the playoffs. Rodgers wins it running away with it.


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      Yeah I agree FanNC

      I think MVP has morphed away from what it was supposed to be. I truly believe when it was first started it was intended to give 'props' to the most 'outstanding' player of the season. Not the 'most valuable'. It might be like how some people/groups recognize religious text too literally. Most-Valuable-Player.

      Are the awards sort of tiered like this...

      Offensive Player of the Year
      Defensive Player of the Year
      ..and on down

      Maybe if they just added "NFL Player of the Year", Watt could get his award and everyone is happy. If that's what you say MVP is, then they should stop basing their choice via such ridiculous critera. Or we could call Rodgers' "Most Valuable franchise Player" and be done with it.

      Did "MVP" get lost in translation? Yes Aaron Rodgers is a great player. Did he have a great season? It was a really 'good' season. JJ Watt had a HISTORIC SEASON. C'mon - how blind could they be. Who was more Outstanding this season? Rodgers or Watt?

      And then there's the argument 'if he couldn't get his team to the playoffs, then he obviously shouldn't win it. Makes ZERO sense for an individual award. Shouldn't factor.

      If Watt doesn't get it this year, then the MVP award is being awarded for the wrong reasons. If it's based on something only QB's or RB's can give a franchise, why bother call it a league wide award?
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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        My opinion is JJ. Rodgers probably tops the qb's, but he had some bad days this season. Look at the Buffalo game. Watt showed up everyday and he is a big reason they won 9 games. They really didn't have a qb or they probably would be in the playoffs. JJ showed up and impacted every game and imo was the most consistent player this season.
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          Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
          I think the NFL needs to change this award to


          Most Outstanding Player

          Otherwise it's always going to be a QB

          And I'm sick of QB's getting all the glory
          yeah, they do need to change it because there is no way any defensive player is the most valuable player in the NFL, period. there is probably a handful of QB's that have been more valuable to their teams success this year than jj watt was to the Texans.

          maybe just get rid of it all together and just have DPOY and OPOY because it seems many people view the MVP as the NFL's best player of the year. if that's the case, whats the point in even having DPOY and OPOY?


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            Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
            IMO you can't be the MVP if your team hovered around .500 and missed the playoffs. Rodgers wins it running away with it.
            yeah i agree. the problem is, you have people treating the MVP as the NFL's best player of the year award and you have people treating it as the NFL's most valuable player of the year award.

            two vastly different criteria's there. is jj watt the best player in the NFL this year regardless of position? i would say he has a pretty good argument there.

            but is he the NFL's most valuable player? absolutely not. like i said before, they should definitely look into changing the name of that award or get rid of it all together because the QB position is just far more valuable to a teams success than any other.

            the only other positional player that has a chance is a premiere running back on a team that is mainly about running the football.