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    Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    Good points though. I'd give anything to have Dan Quinn. Can you imagine what he'd do with our D? Fantasizing and never gonna happen.
    Yeah I would love it, I would have to think about him If I was the Bears, but I like Bowles more. The Bills I definitley think want OC not DC. I think if I were them I might think about JMcD and taking him off the Patriots especially in their division, but with his debacle in Denver, I don't think it will happen. That is why I think they will go with Gase over McD. And with the numbers and the experience in our offense I think they will pick him over Reich too even though he is the local favorite. I didn't say thats what I would do. But I think thats what they will do.
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      I don't understand all the "debacle" talk when it comes to McDaniels.

      For one, he's proven to be very good in terms of drawing up plays and football strategy - hell, he made Orton look like an All-Pro. Secondly, he did chase off Cutler and Marshall; however, Cutler hasn't exactly panned out (surrounded by even BETTER receivers than he had in Denver) and it has taken years and a lot of counseling for Marshall to have finally matured. Not to mention Denver received two firsts and three thirds (IIRC) for Cutler and Marshall combined.

      And yes, one can criticize McDaniels for his draft choices, but it's not like he picked them himself - there was a GM. Also, it's not like this recent front office staff has done much better. McDaniels' solid picks include Moreno, Bruton, D. Thomas, and Decker. Elway's picks include J. Thomas, Irving, Malik Jackson, Rahim Moore (sometimes), and Montee Ball (maybe). Most of this front office's success has been in the Free Agent arena - Manning, Talib, Ware, Ward, C. Harris, CJ Anderson, etc.

      I guess the BIG knock against McDaniels is the videotaping scandal. But guys in the league get involved in murder, sexual assault, etc. and yet they don't seem to get the kind of hate McDaniels gets. I'd say capital offenses are probably a little more unsettling than a videotaping scandal.

      Look, I'm not pulling for any specific team to hire McDaniels. However, I just felt like I needed to provide some objectivity to all the people who call McDaniels "a disaster," when in fact he's actually pretty talented and just lacking in maturity (and only age and experience can help there).


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        Raiders--Del Rio
        San Fran ---gase
        Bills-- Quinn