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    Officials often get a lot of calls wrong, but what I really don't get is why there is all of a sudden there is so much attention given to it.

    In Super Bowl 40, there were several bad calls in Pittsburgh's favor, including calling an illegal block penalty on a QB making a tackle off of an interception. That was the best case I've ever seen for a potential ref conspiracy, one of the instances where I actually think a team makes a good case for the refs costing them the game, and it was in the Super Bowl, the biggest game of the year.

    Yet, even after that, blaming the officials still seemed to be considered a 'weak excuse' for several years.

    I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt that officiating has actually gotten so much worse in recent years, there have probably been several close PI calls in the past that may have been called incorrectly, it's probably just that there has a lot more attention given to bad call.

    I remember a NO-ATL game in 2009, ATL got a pick, the guy didn't appear to even touch the NO receiver(not much anyways), and it got called a PI, giving NO the ball deep in ATL territory instead of giving ATL the ball. I don't remember too many people crying for Atlanta.

    It just seems like it's more of it being more magnified than officiating actually being much worse.