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Vonta Davis versus Denver's receivers

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    All I'll say about Davis is that I figured him for a top 10 corner coming into the season. Where you have him now is up for debate, but he definitely hasn't gone backwards.


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      Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
      He had Davis beat multiple times, Manning just predetermined his routes. I'm not arguing the previous 2 games, just not this game.
      I didn't really see much of that. If he did get behind him, I doubt he got far behind, and considering Davis seems to have a great ability to recover from being in bad position, it's hard to say that really constitutes having the edge.

      I've seen Vonta Davis recover from being in bad position, like when he dove to bat down a pass that seemed to be intended for Emanuel Sanders, I think I also saw him dive forward to bat down a pass intended for DT when DT seemed to be a bit in front of him.

      I just don't see much there to say that DT had the edge, and I don't remember him getting behind Davis too often.


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        Originally posted by ruksak View Post
        Refresh my memory. I am a bit shy on short term .....

        What I saw was Davis cutting off Manning's favorite placement for a downfield pass, the receivers outside shoulder, which he used twice to efficacy on downfield throws.

        Landry inside;

        Davis goes outside;
        I think that touches on another good point, Davis cutting off routes may lead to passes being off target if the QB was expecting to throw it somewhere else. He may have helped cause the passes to be off target, so saying 'if Manning had been on target he would have been beat' may not mean DT had the edge, if he's contributing to passes being off target by forcing receivers to go on different routes.