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So Gang, Which Underdog Team Has The Best Chance Of Making It To The SB?

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    I would have said IND before the game, so far it looks like I was wrong.

    GB's defense played great, I wouldn't have expected that. SEA's defense played GB's offense pretty well, they just don't give up a lot of points it seems, even to great offenses.

    I think a key to moving the ball on SEA's offense well is with a lot of efficiency, and be able to sustain a methodical drive. Keep the down and distance favorable for you, take advantage of favorable situations for your offense. Rely on shorter but effective runs, or screen passes. Do a good job with getting yards while being tackled, expect them to tackle well, and not let you get very far before they first contact you. That, or if your one of the few teams like Dallas that can dominate them up front and gash them on the run.