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Who wins the Super Bowl - and Bold Predictions

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  • Who wins the Super Bowl - and Bold Predictions

    Simple Poll and simple question. Lets have some fun.

    Wish I'd have started it sooner, but I'm still curious what you all think

    I'm having a lot of trouble differentiating between what I want to happen and what I think should/will happen.

    Who will become Super Bowl Champions
    Do you have any bold predictions?

    Mine 'bold prediction' is ... Russel Wilson carries the 'mobile QB' torch that we've seen take over the NFL, and becomes THE difference in this game. If RW has a great game, that can easily be the difference. This might not be a bold prediction but heck -a lot of people think RW is just a product of a good team. He does benefit from the team's overall quality. But RW is no slouch. I think he's an excellent QB and a winner right down to the core. So .......

    Russel Wilson will become MVP and becomes the difference in the game with his scrambling ability.

    This 'bold prediction' might just be want and not what should happen -I can't quite clearly take one from the other and it really clouds my judgement -I admit. My hate for New England is that strong. At least none of our hearts will be broken tomorrow, but it still would have been nice to have our guys playing in this game.

    But it's just a game so that's my call. What's yours?
    Seattle SeaHawks
    NewEngland Patriots
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....

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    I'm Thinking Pats, 30-20.

    I think NE's offense will be able to move the ball well on SEA because they seemingly do 2 things well that seem to be the best ways to move the ball on SEA's defense.

    I think NE will run the ball well, with Blount running like a hammer. KC and DAL's offensive lines were able to open up holes, and NE may be able to do that. If they don't give a lot of room, I think they will do just enough for Blount to gain effective yardage. Blount comes with a lot of power, but doesn't seem to be a 'hit or miss' type back, and seemingly can do a good job running low, and plowing forward to get more yards while being tackled. If he can get about 3-4 yards consistently, that will go a long way. Heck, even staying balanced with the carries alone should help.

    Also, NE's short passing game could be very helpful against SEA. We saw SD's offense do a great job moving the ball on SEA's defense with short passes, which could help them a lot. Sometimes, that's the best way to attack a team with a good secondary, by finding ways to neutralize their great coverage skills.

    Edelman is a good screen pass receiver. He seems to do a good job lunging or wiggling while he's tackled for some extra yards beyond just falling forward for his body length. Yards while being tackled could be helpful against a good tackling defense, that would likely not let him run for a lot of yards before being initially contacted.

    He also is a good slot receiver, a long with Amendola. They seem to do well with a variety of different types of short passes, and may be able to exploit SEA's defense that way. They should take a look at the SD game, it laid out a good blue print for how to pass the ball well on the Seahawks defense. I don't think I've ever seen any team pass the ball that well on SEA's defense in the 'legion of boom' era, and they have faced some of the league's top passing attacks.

    When teams really master the short passing game, it can be very difficult to defend.

    With SEA's offense, I agree that RW and his runs could end up making a big difference. I doubt Wilson is going to give away 5 turnovers again, people who are counting on that will likely be dissapointed. Good tackling could be key for NE, wrap up Lynch and bring him down. Chris Borland did a good job of bringing down Lynch 1 on 1, likely because he wrapped up and brought him down immediately. If you try to drive him back, you'll likely end up getting dragged, or missing the tackle altogether.


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      I think Seattle is the type of team New England has trouble with. Seattle plays the same style of football Kansas City does (and play it much better ) Tough defense and capable running game. If Seattle doesnt win this by 10+, I will be shocked.


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        NE wins 24 - 14

        hope i am wrong though.