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WSJ: How the Patriots Solved the Seahawks

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    Originally posted by notwithit View Post
    You nailed it. Sherman needs surgery, Chancellor may need surgery on his knee, Thomas, Lane, all hurt. Then you add Avril's concussion.... This team was not the same one that played Denver last year. The Pats did a very good job taking advantage. The announcers even saw that. But comparing how the Pats "unlocked" the Seahawks defense to Denver being shutdown.... No... Just no...
    It didn't seem like many other offenses were taking advantage. Denver's game plan was terrible against the Seahawks, and if they tried that again they probably get the same result, even with Seattle's defense injured.

    I remember seeing Chancellor running with Gronk, nearly picking off a deep pass intended for him, he seemed to be fine, as did Sherman. Sure, at times NE picked on back ups in Seattle's secondary, but they had success throwing at starters as well. I really didn't see Simon get picked on all night. I remember seeing a deep pass thrown his way that he broke up. He got beat on a few shorter TD passes, but those were great moves by Edelman, I think he could have scored on Lane with them.

    It wasn't like they were throwing deep all game, they were throwing short routes. SD had a game plan rooted in similar routes and they dropped 30 on SEA, and the Pats seemingly followed a similar blue print.

    Edelman was knicked up as well, so it wasn't like they were the only ones recovering from injury.

    I remember hoping for Simon to have a great game, because I had a feeling all offseason that was going to be used to discredit the Pats win, if people started to feel shameless about trying to claim that not having deflated balls would have made up for a 38 point deficit.
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