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Dez Bryant video scandal (rumor)

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    I do wonder what '5 times worse than the Ray Rice video' means. The wording of that is kind of interesting, perhaps it means he assaulted a woman far worse than Ray Rice did. Of course, it may also mean he did a worse crime such as rape, maybe murder.

    I suppose it could be some prank as well and he may not have done anything illegal, although that seems strange. I suppose we will likely find out what this is about soon.

    If they actually catch him on tape doing something of the caliber they seem to be claiming, and he doesn't get convicted though, I will likely think 'C'MON!'. If it's 2011 I doubt statute of limitations laws will apply, and if it's just now resurfacing I doubt there are any double jeopardy laws that may apply.

    I'm an 'innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt' type of guy, however if a guy gets caught on tape that's pretty sufficient evidence to me, and you probably won't find anything much more sufficient. When your caught on tape, you probably won't have much of a defense aside from a 'not legally responsible' type of defense. I suppose you could always try claiming the tape is fake or that your long lost twin did it, lol but I doubt you'll get very far with that. I suppose a lot of things are technically possible, however I guess that's part of the difference between 'reasonable doubt' and 'absolute certainty'.

    Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of legal loop holes that seemingly aren't so much about not punishing people before their found guilty, and more about keeping evidence of someone's likely guilt out of court.