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Colts Announce They Will Not Resign Reggie Wayne

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  • Colts Announce They Will Not Resign Reggie Wayne

    Wow, he's been a great one. Wonder if he's going to retire.
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    Fond farewell. He was so awesome just 2 seasons ago. His top-shelf ability seemed to disappear when he got injured last year. Still, I'm very excited about who may fill our WR field.
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      - Why Reggie Wayne Needs to Join Peyton Manning in Denver -

      "The Indianapolis Colts continue to press forward into their new era of football by, once again, cutting ties with a player from the old guard. When the 2015 season rolls around, Reggie Wayne will no longer be wearing the iconic horseshoe, as the team has decided not to re-sign the all-time great wide receiver. ...

      When an organization feels that a player no longer fits its vision, it will not hesitate to move on without him — even the iconic ones like Wayne.

      And yet when this went down, our first thought wasn’t sadness; it was wishful thinking. Could Wayne and Peyton Manning actually reunite in Denver? Yes, please. ...

      From 2001 to 2010, with Manning as his QB, Wayne had 787 receptions, 10,748 receiving yards, and 69 touchdowns. That’s what you call chemistry. And that just doesn’t go away, especially if you’re talking about two of the all-time greats. ...

      For the most part, their careers have been intertwined, and they’ve each made the other infinitely better. How great would it be if these two giants, both cut from the same team, reunited to make one final run at a Super Bowl title? Imagine if they were actually able to pull it off — talk about some sweet poetic justice. Now that is an ending we all need to see."


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        Yes, but looks like Colts are going to get Gore and (possibly) Andre Johnson. Big wins for Luck and an already talented Colts offense. Plus, that defense is no slouch, with some fast, physical corners and a speedy line-backing corps.

        Reminds me a lot of when Peyton was there. Offense can be off-the-charts, but in the end it won't be enough w/o better balance on the other side of the ball.