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OK....Who Makes This Year's NFL Top 10 List?

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    Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    It's a popularity contest in my eyes and it seems that the majority of the players voted on are more well known.

    For Chris Harris to not even be listed on the top 100 is ridiculous when he ranked as one of the better CBs, is pretty telling.

    But people like to have fun and rank, so rank away.
    Yeah, I believe he was one of the top guys in terms of percentage of passes thrown his way that were completed, he should have been on there imo.

    I'm glad my 'bold statement' didn't get me too much flack here, lol. I think people who act like it's blasphemous to challenge a player or coach's opinion are using that as an excuse not to try and form a well thought out one. It isn't as if 'well educated' people can never be wrong, or that a 'less educated' person can't know at least one thing they don't know. Plus, players seem to often disagree with each other, which kind of makes the 'players opinion is iron clad' mentality a logical fallacy.