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    So I read an interesting article over at the Bucs Official Website that I stumbled on from some where else.

    (Mods, if this needs to, please move it to P&R)

    I am curious of your take ladies.

    Having read and re-read it, once you get through to hype they are trying to generate (nothing wrong with a promotion, per se) it sounds pretty condescending - to me - a guy - who is usually wrong about a lot of stuff.

    It almost sounds like an amalgam of NFL and Cosmopolitan and seems to almost reinforce stereotypical concepts of meat-headed men of the football patriarchy and their cute but ever vain and naive wives who cannot tell a football from a baseball and, oh, that violence, don't get me started - why don't we talk about food and fashion instead.

    I don't think I am the only one sensing this new, perhaps unintentional, way of talking down to female fans. Thus far on the page article the comments tend toward the negative as does few football lady sports journalists I've read on Twitter.

    If that is the case, how should a NFL team try and woo new fans who might be less interested women to their sport? In other words, are they doing the right thing in the wrong way?

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    I don't see it any different than launching a program for men interested in figure skating.


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      "RED will provide female Buccaneers fans with year-round educational experiences focused on providing a better understanding of the game"

      That quote does come off as kind of condescending. I think it is kind of based on the assumption that female fans don't know the game very well, and are more of 'casual fans'. I think they may have thought that this was true so they may not have thought of female fans potentially being offended.

      Some people, men and women kind of believe the stereotypes a bit and don't necessarily get offended, similar to how a man may not be offended by assumptions that he doesn't know much about fashion and etc.

      I suppose I can see how it would come off as condescending though, especially from an astute female fan of the game.


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        UNM hosts an annual Women's Football Clinic which includes: dinner; drinks; facility tour; on-field drills led by players; and, other activities. Proceeds go to the "Send-A-Kid" Program.

        IDK how similar this is to "RED", but it is becoming a popular event in the ABQ area to which women don't seem to consider condescending. Women have become just as much a part of football reporting and fan interest as men.

        Having supervised a few powderpuff football games, I have often wondered how far away we are from women's football.
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