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49ers release Aldon Smith

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  • 49ers release Aldon Smith

    I will be the first to admit I have no clue about this guy..I saw where he did a hit and run which is really horrific and it deserves jail time not that he will get it..but just curious if the circumstances were different and they just flat out released the guy would he be a potential valuable piece for the Broncos? I don't even know if hes offense or defense lol..I just know as much as I disliked Harbrough he was a decent coach when it came down to it and Smith was coached by him.

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    Smith is a tremendous, tremendous pass rusher...he's also a total moron clown

    49ers just had an offseason unlike anything I've ever seen...take the under on the 6.5 wins that team is so screwed

    And he's likely going to prison, no I don't want him to be a Bronco


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      I think most people, myself included, think at this moment Smith should focus on getting help for his issues, not getting back on a roster. I doubt any team will have interest until the judicial process takes place. Hopefully Smith takes responsibility for his actions and gets a good support structure where he isn't making idiotic decisions. Until that time I don't think any NFL team will want anything to do with him. My guess is he will also be suspended by the league, effectively banning him from trying to get back on a roster, for a year.
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        He'll be playing for the Bens, Pats or Cowboys before week 10. Joel dreesen even agrees.

        Hooray, beer!