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Should the NFL get rid of kickoffs?

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    Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
    Countdown to kickoff sounds way better than countdown to first possession.
    Especially when the game is called FOOTball.
    "People in the South Stands used to stand the whole game."


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      Football is a high injury risk.

      No, no and Heeeeeeeeeck No. It is just as much part of the game of football as any other part.
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        Originally posted by ruksak View Post
        You used one too many "L"s
        hey, that's not politically correct sir! :shame:

        (but i shamelessly agree with the message)


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          This would eliminate all kinds of plays and exciting comebacks. The Seahawks would've lost to the Packers last year. One of the greatest play calls (granted it was in desperation) and all time plays and comebacks imo wouldn't have happened. And I loved the Music City Miracle, I saw it live and it was simply stunning. Too man plas and chances for future plays. I remember a game where Desond H almost single handedly beat us and we had a multiple td lead. Way to important a part of the game and a way many guys make a team (TD). Important for big plays, field position, comebacks, turnovers. IMO that would be like taking away a 1/4 of the real action. No thanks, they have taken away and stripped the game down enough already imo
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            Originally posted by Thors Hammer View Post
            One question, what do you do about the onside kick?
            Not a fan at all, I don't think it should be legal.


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              Originally posted by samparnell View Post
              Kickoffs and Punts are change of possession and an integral part of the game. They give each team an opportunity to achieve optimal FP, to score or force a turnover. Each of those possibilities has great influence on the outcome of a game when they happen.

              Removing Special Teams would be another step in the direction of changing the game beyond recognition. Football is a full contact, collision team sport. Injuries have always been a possibility. Removing an integral part of the game won't change that.
              I disagree, I think the game would still feel very football like without kickoff team. There would be a change, sure however I don't think it's to the point where it wouldn't feel like football anymore. I'm only even arguing to get rid of kick off team, I didn't say anything about punt team.

              Punt team and Kickoff team are different to me. Punt team is key in a team taking advantage of driving the ball further down field before they punt imo, the closer you get the further you pin them back. On punt team, there are opposing players trying to block the punt as well, so the game loses another dimension if you get rid of it. The punt blockers also would likely make it harder for a kicker to kick a touchback every time.

              Kickoff team however, the ball is kicked from the same spot every time. No one tries to block it, the kicker can simply boot the ball as far as they can. If the kicker can boot it out of the back of the end zone over the returner's head, there isn't likely much the return team can do about it. If a team wanted to, they could sign a powerful legged kicker to perhaps do that every time. It doesn't really seem like a big ordeal to get rid of kick off team, and simply have the opposing team start off with the ball at the 20 after every touch down.


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                Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
                Make it a poll

                My answer is, NO.
                I don't know how to do that to be honest, lol. I was more so looking for responses though as opposed to a poll, I wanted reasons for the thoughts people had.

                It seems my thought is not supported here. Eh, guess I'll just have to suck up playing kick off team haha. Unfortunately on my team, no one is safe from getting on kickoff except perhaps the QB. I guess it wouldn't be too bad for me if kickoffs were eliminated. I like one on one situations ball carrier vs tackler, but we get those on offense vs defense so I'd be fine there.


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                  Just get rid of offensive linemen while you are at it. They are always falling down and pulling hammies and stuff. I mean, if the game ain't broke, break it.