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Geno Smith sucker punched out 6-10 weeks

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    Originally posted by flosstein View Post
    Sometimes there's a point where as a man a certain level of disrespect pushes you past that point. That very well could be a woman spitting in your face and slapping you or another grown man in your face talking to you as if you're his child. Where that line is drawn is unique to each individual person. So it's best practice to not put yourself in positions where you may find yourself being disrespectful to another person. That's a very important man rule that Geno's daddy and any other man in his life should've taught him. If you disrespect a man, be prepared for what happens next.
    Plain and simple, cut and dry, if you put your hand in someone's face, especially in front of peers, that needs to be handled.

    I've met many men that have never been in a fight who's attitude towards the world changed after he ran his mouth at the wrong dude.

    NEVER let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you.

    Hooray, beer!