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Former Bears NFL QB Erik Kramer Shoots Himself in Suicide Attempt

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  • Former Bears NFL QB Erik Kramer Shoots Himself in Suicide Attempt

    Yikes, this is terrible news.

    Former Bears QB Erik Kramer was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound by the Los Angeles County Police Tuesday evening as a result of a suicide attempt according to the Washington Post. Kramer’s ex-wife has said that he has been suffering from depression caused by brain injuries.

    Authorities were called to a motel in Calabasas, Calf, where Kramer had been staying. At first, it was described as a non life-threatening injury. However, Kramer’s sister told his ex-wife that it was more serious.

    Kramer is from California who played college ball at N.C. State. He is best known for his stint with the Lions where he led the 1991 team to a 12-4 record and a playoff win that season. He then went on to play for the Bears from 1994-1998 where he threw for over 3,000 yards and 29 touchdowns in 1995. He ended his NFL career with the San Diego Chargers in 1999. Kramer finished his career with over 15,000 passing yards and 92 touchdowns.

    In 2011, Kramer’s 18-year old son, Griffen, died of a drug overdose. He and his ex-wife have another son, Dillon, who is 17.
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    This is a creepy trend that can now be called a trend. Always liked the guy, as a player and as a man. Hope he pulls through this.

    He played during one of my favorite eras in football, the mid-late 1990's. Seems like a lot of the players who played in that era have had profound mental health issues due to a lack of emphasis on player safety coinciding with a sudden uptake in the quality of athletes, regarding speed and strength of the players.
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      A sad story, do hope he pulls through this.

      The effect of concussions on mental health should be addressed, however I do hope it is gone about in a good way. I know a player who mentioned something about wearing a brace to hold his neck in place, to help hold the head in place to hopefully reduce the chances of the brain bobbing around to cause a concussion. I wonder if that would work for players.