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Defense wins Championships... except... this year???

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    Originally posted by FlowdaBroncoFan View Post
    I can. They are a potent offense with a plethora of weapons. BB is good at taking away 1 weapon....not 5. I think this will get ugly for the Pats. Julio is to tall and to fast and to physical for Ryan and Butler. The combo of Freeman and Coleman is to good for their LBs. Then they have their big TE and Sanuk isn't no slouch either.

    On defense do the sleep on Beasley. We saw 1st hand what he can do. Their defense can get pressure.

    I see a big ATL win in a no contest type SB.
    You are crazy. Brady has lost only 1 game in the playoffs scoring 30 plus points, that was to Peyton in the 2006 AFCCG. All his other losses have come when scoring 21 points or less. A shootout should be the last way to beat Brady and the Pats. Matt Ryan is not going to beat Brady in a shootout in the 30s, that is a recipe for disaster. They have to control clock and keep Brady on the sidelines thus limiting his scoring chances, that is the ONLY way the Falcons can win, something like 24-21 or 27-24 type of game.

    Besides, the #1 scoring offense and the MVP (most likely Matt Ryan) hasn't won the SB since what 1999??? The team with the better D typically wins because they allow DBs to hold more come playoff time. Ty Law held Marvin, Ravens held Crabtree, Talib held Gronk, and Patriots DBs are coached to do the same come playoff time to see what they can get away with. That is just how it goes.

    The others are like Eric Decker in SB 2013 begging the refs for flags and flailing their arms without much results.


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      The Patriots win Super Bowls with defense and special teams and opponents messing up.

      Brady has had some great games playoffs. So have all the all-time greats.

      Brady has had some bad games in the playoffs. So have all the all-time greats.

      Why Brady has the most Super Bowls is because when he has a bad game, his supporting cast is able to win the game for him and allow him to advance. This is a luxury most quarterbacks do not have.

      Also I don't get the title of this thread. The Patriots have won both their playoff games in no small part to to their defense. Did you see that goal line stand? Or stopping the Texans after both turnovers?