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Dolphins suspend Timmons (aquire LB Anthony from Saints in trade)

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  • Dolphins suspend Timmons (aquire LB Anthony from Saints in trade)

    The Miami Dolphins on Tuesday acquired linebacker Stephone Anthony from the New Orleans Saints in exchange for a 2018 undisclosed draft pick. Both teams confirmed the swap.

    I don't know what happened with him that made him leave. But this is a relationship that hardly got out of the gate after signing that deal.
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    Requesting help writing a book

    Hi everyone,

    I am a long-time Broncos fan and board lurker. I'm finishing-up a book on espionage in the NFL, focusing on how teams collect on opponents. I am about 95% done and really excited with what I have but I would like to conduct additional interviews for the book to grab some more material but mainly to answer some additional questions I have.

    If anyone knows someone who works or worked for a NFL team as a player, coach, manager, or scout and would be willing to talk to me I would be very interested in talking to them.

    I think Chris Kuper's dad used to visit the message boards. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

    Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


    Just be thankful today's not a Monday after a Broncos loss.


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      Hi Kevin,

      I moved your thread to Other Teams.

      Kuper's dad hasn't been on here for awhile and we do not give out personal information.

      Good luck with your book.

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        Fred Fleming might be a good source of information, but it would probably need to be off the record because he is still employed by the Broncos.

        On the OP's topic, I learned how to scout from a great HS head coach. There was a very specific method and forms for compiling notes in real time sitting in the stadium, and similar method for breaking down film.

        Bill Belichick's father, Steve, wrote the definitive book on scouting, Football Scouting Methods. A couple of years ago, I read it. Come to find out, the method I was taught came directly from Steve Belichick's book. It is the most influential guide to scouting. A close reading of Football Scouting Methods reveals areas where questionable practices can creep in and cross the line from sound and thorough scouting methods to what could be considered cheating.

        Bill Belichick is a scouting fanatic who has surrounded himself with specialists who push the envelope on information gathering. BB is also a serious student of football history. When he recognizes something, he knows how it was successfully defended in the past. Other than that, he hasn't produced any innovations of which I am aware. His strength is in scouting and preparation.
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          I have no one professionally to turn you to, but congratz on your mission!


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            Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks

            Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter 28 minutes ago
            Jack Del Rio said Derek Carr has a fracture in his back and is out 2-6 weeks.
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              I am really bummed to hear this.

              Hopefully it's a minor thing for him like it was after Cam Newton's car accident - he only missed one game, I think.

              Without Carr the Raiders chances really diminish.

              Get well soon!


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                Reminds me of Romo
                The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                  This is so surprising as it looked like he just got grazed. Hope he has a speedy recovery!


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                    Thanks for the tips. I had read and incorporated Steve Belichick's book already and yes, it is one of two Bibles on the subject of scouting.
                    Just be thankful today's not a Monday after a Broncos loss.


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                      Alex Smith

                      I know he is on the "other team", but Alex Smith looks to be on a mission. Perhaps it's because he is getting some internal competition, with Mahomes. But more likely the real factor, it's the clear observation that he is confident, has a quality team around him, and he has the tools and the leadership to take his team far.

                      I've always admired Smith, because he has handled adversity with a lot of class and control. People want to knock him down, but he doesn't seem to pay much attention. Good on him!

                      Looking at the team record, and the Smith's personal stats, all is going very well. He has a lofty rate of 124.2, and has yet to throw a pic after 121 attempts. His completion accuracy is really good, at 76%. Not to mention, he is very athletic, and can hurt you on the run.

                      Listen folks, I am not a KC fan. BUT, they have put together a contender, and Alex Smith is a big part of it. Still has to play us......we'll see if that changes things.


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                        If we end up getting knocked out, I'd love to see Alex Smith win a SB. Probably one of the most underrated QBs of all time.


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                          Originally posted by Joshua2585 View Post
                          If we end up getting knocked out, I'd love to see Alex Smith win a SB. Probably one of the most underrated QBs of all time.
                          Like your perspective. He is a good guy with character. In San Fran he seemed unappreciated, and in KC, people keep looking for a replacement. He seems to be the "game manager" foster child. But this guy has game, guts, and leadership...and what I have witnessed thus far this season is a guy trying to win the MVP!


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                            The KC Chefs...

                            They look like the best team in football....

                            Scary talent on the roster.


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                              They are the team to beat this year. Strong on all three phases. The only thing that I think will defeat them is a strong running game, which I think we have. Their run defense is more or less the same as it was last year, but where we'll have difficulty with them is in the red zone. Their defense has shown to hold elite QBs to FGs which is allowing them to maintain the lead throughout games. Realistically, we will be lucky to go 1-1 with them this year.
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