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  • Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post
    what a fantastic SB!! Love that Brady missed that and the Eagles pulled off that same play pretty much for a TD...

    i happen to like Foles and was happy to see him get a ring. I can't imagine him leaving Philli, but bet he gets some offers.... the only thing i don't like about Foles is how long he holds on to the ball ... if he does go somewhere else, they would have to have a very good offensive line to protect him and give him time or he would struggle i think. Awesome that the Eagles got their ring, what was better was to see the Patriots lose.

    I was reading through this thread...didn't see that Brady didn't shake hands or anything ... kind of a sore loser ..... i remember before the game he said they knew exactly what to expect from the Eagles... haha apparently they didn't or they wouldn't have let them put up so many points.

    Great game though ...... my only complaint is that I can't stand Chris and Al... felt like muting them half the time.... they both irritate me. If only Romo could have been in the booth ... so much prefer that he doesn't seem to be going for or against any one team the whole time he announces.
    And he got shredded for not shaking hands on Good Morning Football.

    At first Peter Schrager said he was giving him the benefit of the doubt but his co-hosts said why? Why does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? We call everyone else out? Cam Newton got blasted, Brady's been to the SB many times. He knows the etiquette. He does not deserve any benefit of the doubt.
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    • My take on the officiating

      I thought both of the touchdown calls were the correct call.

      - The first one he catches the ball, gets one foot down, then he gets the other foot down, THEN he bobbles the ball slightly.

      - The second one was explained on the air.


      • Great game


        • Fun little collection of play calls of the Nick Foles TD reception from various locals.