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    Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
    McD came to DEN. He looked at the QB situation and realized something that everybody should have known, Cutler wasn't and isn't a winner & he wasn't his kind of a QB. He came from NE, where he had had 2 QBs in Brady & Cassell. Neither of which were athletically gifted like Cutler, but they were smart QBs who went to the playoffs minimum. Every new coach/GM turns a team into his kind of team. What he did wasn't unusual, the only thing that he did wrong was when he got the quality picks, was draft piss-poorly. He got rid of 2 head cases in Cutler in Marshall, but unfortunately his selections didn't pan out, like Elway. Elway came in and revamped the team into his team, and he used a # of McD's players to win a playoff game & then slowly and surely got rid of them (except DT) to build his SB winning team. Then he's screwed everything up since then

    Sorry for rambling
    What happened between little josh mcdaniels and Jay Cutler came down to a coach lying to a player, and then lying about the lie in an attempt to worm his way out of a situation of his own making. That's when the decision of which quarterback was going to lead the Broncos was taken out of little josh mcdaniels hands by Jay Cutler when he stated he wasn't going to play for that little liar, and demanding a Trade. And with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I don't believe that there is any argument that can be made that doesn't come down to mcdaniels screwing the pooch, big time, for the Broncos and their fans. And the turnaround of this Franchise that John Elway provided after the mess that mcdaniels left, couldn't have done by anyone else in the league, IMO.

    And judging by what just happened between mcdaniels and Indianapolis, it's pretty clear that mcdaniels is just not Head Coaching material, and Indy just dodged a HUGE bullet.