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Our home town hero, CJ Anderson found himself a good home

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    Curious if anyone has seen the terms of his contract? being reported as a one year deal but for how much?

    Carolina should be a great fit for him. Respect what he gave the Broncos and wish him well.

    I realize this is likely to be perceived as negative but this glorified memorial site is pretty selective. Yes, Anderson had some great games that will be fondly remembered. But lets be realistic he also had some really disappointing ones too. He was often injured and either out or slowed down due to them. He had more sub 40 yard mediocre games then 100 yard highlight games. Anderson was inconsistent and battled injuries. I hope he will be successful but it is just as likely that Anderson will play 8 games and gain under 500 yards his season. There is a reason he is expendable. His production did not match his contract.

    I may be overly optimistic but I think the Broncos just upgraded the RB position. Players still need to prove they deserve the opportunity. I just think they will.


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      It's a great landing spot for him. I won't be surprised if he gets more carries than McCaffrey, who only averaged 3.7 YPC and might be too small to be a consistent inside runner. Also, CJ will probably be their goal-line back.


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        Great fit for CJ Anderson. I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up with 8+ TDs in that offense. Newton takes away a lot of the carries inside the redzone, but he should still get his opportunity.

        He's a perfect RB to pair with McCaffrey. Many of us were hoping to see that combo in Denver last year. Best of luck to CJA


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          I am very happy for CJ. I think this is a great fit for both himself and Carolina. I hope to see some nice highlights from him. He paired with Christian will be a very nice duo.

          And thank you Mr. Anderson, for all the great memories
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