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Which Rookie QB Has The Best First Season?

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    Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
    CLE has a lot of talent, if they don't get suspended

    BTW what is "the best season"? Is it TD's, yards, wins, what?
    Without getting too deep, "the best season" would be that of the overall assessment of the football population. No one or two stats would suffice. It would be as simple as this (which reflects what I have posted so far)...."in your opinion, who had the best rookie season for a QB?" I could answer that if asked, based on various stats, team impact, team leadership, etc. Of course, winning the SB as the starter in year one would be a pretty good bet for top dawg.


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      I thought that these young dudes might have an impact in year one, and here we are, the top 2 going mano a mano in an exciting game last night. Clearly Allen is the guy to lead Buffalo....and before too long, Rosen might get his chance. Finally, I don't doubt that Lamar will make an impact of some sort, even as a secondary QB.

      As of last night, I stick by my poll response, but I do think Darnold has a great future in this league as well.