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  • Demaryius on the Texans

    Did the Texans make the right decision trading for D.T.?

    With Peyton Manning, Demaryius always had at least 1,300 yards receiving. Without Peyton Manning, he's been a 1,000 yard receiver just once(2016).

    With a healthy Peyton Manning(2012-2014), Demaryius always had double digit touchdowns. In other years, he's never had more than six.

    To me, trading for a guy like Demaryius would make more sense for a team with an elite QB...Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers caliber...and one who is just a player or two away from the Super Bowl.

    That's not to say Deshaun Watson isn't a good QB. He has a better QB rating than Brady so far this year, and a good TD-Int ratio throughout his career.

    However, he is somewhat unproven. He's played just 15 games in the NFL, and has no playoff experience. The Texans are also coming off a 4-12 season, and Watson has yet to stay healthy for an entire season.

    He's also 23, and is being paired with a receiver who is almost 31. DT will almost certainly be gone by the time Watson turns 30.

    This trade doesn't make as much sense to me for the Texans. I'm hearing it being described as a win-win situation, but a 4th round pick is a lot.

    Anyone else have any thoughts? Feel free to disagree.

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    Golden Tate netted a DT isnt worth even what he has shown this year,,,I hope he does well, in two weeks.

    And I thing with an accurate qb he will look a lot better than with the broncos rouge gallery of qbs the last few seasons.


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      A fourth round pick is not a lot to give up for a starting receiver. It’s relatively cheap.

      The Texans needed a receiver to replace the one they lost and managed to get one from their next opponent.

      Watson is a better quarterback than Keenum and O’Brien may be a better offensive mind than Musgrave. These two things may benefit Thomas and the Texans when it comes to their passing game.

      I’m guessing there wasn’t a lot of demand for Thomas or at least a willingness to go above a fourth round pick. Thomas’s contract, age, and a possible belief he would eventually be cut are the likely factors in why it only took a fourth and a swap of seventh round picks to get him.
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        You're right about the difference in numbers with Manning and without Manning. However, the thing that isn't mentioned is the QB's that Thomas played with after Manning. They were Siemian, Lynch, Osweiler and Keenum, all of which are/were statistically in the bottom third of QB rankings in all those years. As far as fit goes, I agree with you, I don't see how he fits in that offense but I guess we are fixing to find out.