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Tryeek Hill alleged assault

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  • Tryeek Hill alleged assault

    I don’t have a link yet as I saw it on Sportcenter after the Auburn basketball game.

    Tyreek Hill under Investisgtion for an alleged assault..
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    Just heard them talking about it on our local sports. The limited info received mentions aggression towards his son, who may be just 4 years of age. (Please remember...little info, and heard from a radio source, though a pretty good one). No chance KC could have kept him and Hunt on the same roster. But one wonders, will they still have room for Hill?

    Lets wait for the details folks. But how does this even get this far??!! How on earth is he in the news again??? How on earth is his young son part of the situation???

    Better be inaccurate reporting.....and yes, I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Lets hope for his sake that this has been fabricated / exaggerated.
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      Given his track record and the reports that police have been to his house twice this month on abuse allegations, I wouldn't be shocked if his NFL career is over, if proven true.


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        It all over the place now... this is just one link..