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  • Drafting & Skillsets- Please stay on topic

    So I was watching Undisputed yesterday and there was a VERY good segment with some interesting takes.

    In this segment Shannon & Mark give two direct example of former NFL players turned NFL executives (Ozzie Newsome and John Elway). Both of these GMs have seemingly done a GREAT (or at least VERY good) job at drafting NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball. Both, one could argue, have struggled at drafting quality offensive talent in any real quantity.

    When we look at the NFL executives who are currently in place there are only a HANDFUL who have EVER played at the NFL level. Then we you look at those NFL executives who played at an elite level in the NFL your looking at (Newsome, Elway & Lynch). Then you can see the Redskins executive (Doug Williams) while he was not as elite as the other three listed he was still quite good at his position.

    When I look at these teams over the years I am seeing a similar pattern. Just like Shannon & Mark have stated. Outside of these past two drafts the Broncos have very few or no skill-position players which they drafted on offense still on their roster. What is more concerning is that none of the players from the 2013-2017 drafts have been resigned for anything truly substantive. The last great player drafted by us was Von Miller (2011 Draft). Then after that we have Demaryius Thomas (2010 NFL draft) and after that we have one of our best ever UDFA's in Chris Harris jr. That list is pretty small. Note that the last GREAT offensive player drafted was DT in 2010. Of note DT was brought in PRIOR to Elway joining the FO here.

    There is a very similar pattern with Newsome & Lynch. I'd even argue that the Redskins are seeing a really good defensive core form there under Doug's executive leadership. With this is mind I'd like to see a split. In roles or at least joint decision making. I'd love to see if someone like Champ Bailey, Demarcus Ware or even Brian Dawkins can step in even IF they are here as an advisory role. I have to agree with Skip, Shannon & Mark. Elway and others like him we just so good at what they did on the field that they think that others with similar physical gifts can also take the mental steps they could at positions they are used to working with in the pro's. For example I think Peyton Manning would make an excellent NFL executive in defensive player evaluation. I am not so sure that he doesn't end up more like Elway when it comes to offensive talent evaluation....

    Curious as to your thoughts on this topic....

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    I always thought Ozzie drafted well everywhere outside of WR, I think Stokley and Torrey Smith are his best WRs. Boller was a flop at QB but he got Flacco (SB winning QB) and some quality backups in later rounds in Chris Redman, Tyrod Taylor, Derek Anderson, and I think one more. At RB he drafted Lewis, Rice, Chester Taylor, and probably a few others. FB he got LaRon McClain, Ovie Mughelli, and Kyle Juszczyk. TE he got Pitta, Dickson, Heap. And he was quite successful with offensive linemen as well.

    As far as Elway, I’m not sure what he wants on offense outside of RB. He’s looking for more of a bruising combo RB. Everything else has been all over the place. A big arm, tall, mobile QB, and then double down with a small weak armed QB. O-linemen have mostly been zone with random power guys mixed in. He looks to have settled for inline TEs with Thomas being the only TE that couldn’t play inline very well. WR is just everywhere.

    But I don’t agree that Elway is trying to draft someone similar to him. Drew Lock is probably the closest QB to him physically, athletically, and mentally.