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    Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
    From what I read it looks like it was all on the local promoter...who didn’t set the field safely, left major issues until the last second, which forced the teams to make a decision about the players for their safety......although the raiders weren’t going to use starters... the packers said they were until they saw the field

    Promoter John Graham, president of On Ice Entertainment Ltd. that was in charge of the field conversion, told The Canadian Press in a text message that he'd "like to wait" before making a comment.

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers president and CEO Wade Miller was unavailable for comment.

    I imagine there is a lot of finger pointing going on right now,,,
    It may well be that the promoter had his share of responsibility, but The NFL/Oakland were not free of blame. They called a lot of the shots. And from my understanding, the field was okayed the day before, and it wasn't the promoter. As for Wade Miller, he had little to do with the event, from what we've heard.

    The tone was set with crazy ticket prices. As for GB and Oakland not starting a lot of players, the field was only a concern in the make shift end zone, which was not an issue given they shortened the field.

    Further, before we left I told my wife that I was going to get close to the GB bench, because I could not see Rodgers from our seats. He apparently was not even on the bench. That's pathetic, given folks like us just want to see the dude. Was he having a massage??

    Again, this is not the first botched effort by The NFL. Of course they are perfect, so no blame on them......