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  • Haskins looks like a legit QB early today
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


    • Keenum looking good for Washington. Hope Haskins is okay.

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      • Strange that the nfl lets zeke play with his nose pierced like that. Seems like a bad injury waiting to happen


        • Dallas having a great game...against Dallas.


          • More evidence that maybe Wade Phillips isn't necessarily as good of a fit with teams as some believe, reports are that the Rams are going to let him go at the end of the year. The rumour back in 2016 that he was part of the O vs D culture that Denver had develop. As he's possibly being let go by another team, 1 year after a SB appearance, I'm wondering if maybe he just wears out his welcome within organizations quickly?


            • Congratz to The Ravens! Home field baby!!!


              • There may be better teams, but the Eagles are a team that just manages to survive and capitalize on their opportunities.... unlike the Broncos who blow it. Four losses (Bears, Jaguars, Colts, Vikings) that would have us locked into the playoffs.


                • Originally posted by sra84 View Post
                  There may be better teams, but the Eagles are a team that just manages to survive and capitalize on their opportunities.... unlike the Broncos who blow it. Four losses (Bears, Jaguars, Colts, Vikings) that would have us locked into the playoffs.
                  Well it looks like we finally have our 'franchise' QB with a live arm and live wheels, so as long as Scangarello continues to grow with him, our offense should stop being as inept as they've been since the SB50 season, and therefore should stop putting our defense in so many of those game 'losing' type situations as with the games you've mentioned above.


                  • Originally posted by sra84 View Post
                    There may be better teams, but the Eagles are a team that just manages to survive and capitalize on their opportunities.... unlike the Broncos who blow it. Four losses (Bears, Jaguars, Colts, Vikings) that would have us locked into the playoffs.
                    Completely different situations. The Eagles have been banged up lately but they are still competitive because they have their franchise QB.

                    Denver are the youngest team in the league who are developing and trying to find their QB of the future...... hopefully they have.


                    • GB have got no chance in the playoffs. Fair play to them for having a good record but I have seen them quite a lot this season and they are very unconvincing.

                      AR is very overrated. He is a good QB and probably number 5 in the league, but he is way behind Brees, Mahomes, Jackson, and Wilson.


                      • No one wants to win this game


                        • Please tell me there’s a compilation of all the dumb stuff booger McFarland says.

                          The guy was talking about the RBs and their work with Cousins and then booger starts talking about thielen


                          • Aaron Rodgers doesn’t look like he’s having much fun


                            • -NFL Playoff Seeds and Scenarios-


                              1. Baltimore Ravens (13-2) - z*
                              The Ravens clinched the AFC's No. 1 seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with Sunday's win over the Browns. They have now won 11 consecutive games and have a chance to rest and protect their key players in what will be a meaningless Week 17 game for them against the Steelers. Pittsburgh will still be in the playoff mix, which could impact how the Ravens deploy their personnel.

                              Next up: vs. Pittsburgh

                              2. New England P*triots (12-3) - y
                              The P*triots clinched the AFC East with Saturday's victory over the Bills, their 17th division title in the past 19 seasons, but the relatively big question of whether they'll skip the first round of the playoffs remains unanswered. They can clinch the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye with a Week 17 victory over the Dolphins. A Chiefs loss will also clinch the No. 2 spot for the P*triots.

                              Next up: vs. Miami

                              3. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) - y
                              The Chiefs cruised to an easy victory Sunday night in Chicago, and they could enter the playoffs seeded No. 2, No. 3 or No. 4. They can move up to No. 2 if they defeat the Chargers in Week 17 and the Patriots lose to the Dolphins. They would move down to No. 4 if they lose to the Chargers and the Texans beat the Titans. Otherwise, they'll end up at No. 3.

                              Next up: vs. L.A. Chargers

                              4. Houston Texans (10-5) - y
                              For all the criticism they've received for recent trades and their use of quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Texans are AFC South champions for the fourth time in five seasons. The only question now is where they'll be seeded in the AFC bracket. They can move up to No. 3 if they beat the Titans in Week 17 and the Chiefs lose to the Chargers, thanks to a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Chiefs.

                              Next up: vs. Tennessee

                              5. Buffalo Bills (10-5) - x
                              The Bills clinched a playoff spot in Week 15 by defeating the Steelers, but Saturday's loss to the Patriots ended their hopes of a division title. Instead, they are locked in as a (very dangerous) fifth seed in the AFC playoffs.

                              Next up: vs. N.Y. Jets

                              6. Tennessee Titans (8-7)
                              Despite their loss Sunday to the Saints, the Titans are in the driver's seat for the final playoff spot in the AFC. They can clinch the spot with a Week 17 victory over the Texans, or losses by the Steelers and Colts. ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) gives that a 56.9% chance of happening.

                              Next up: at Houston

                              In the hunt:

                              Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7): After Sunday's loss to the Jets, the Steelers need help to make the playoffs, which FPI gives a 29.9% chance of happening. In addition to defeating the Ravens, they'll need the Titans to lose to the Texans. Another clinching scenario for the Steelers: a Titans loss, a win by the Colts and losses by the Bears, Lions, Chargers and Patriots.

                              Oakland Raiders (7-8): The Raiders need four Week 17 games to go their way in order to make the playoffs. They must beat the Broncos and then get wins by the Ravens, Texans and Colts. Then, they also need a victory by one of the following teams: Bears, Lions, Chiefs or Patriots. FPI gives it all a 13.2% chance of happening.


                              1. San Francisco 49ers (12-3) - x
                              They had their hands full Saturday night, but the 49ers came back to beat the Rams and keep themselves in position to claim the NFC's top seed if they can win in Seattle in Week 17. Otherwise, they will enter the playoffs as a wild-card team. Such is the strength of the NFC West this season: The 49ers will find out in Week 17 whether they'll have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, or play on the road in the wild-card round.

                              Next up: at Seattle

                              2. Green Bay Packers (12-3) - y
                              The Packers clinched the NFC North title with Monday night's victory over the Vikings. They can lock in a first-round bye by defeating the Lions in Week 17, or by a Saints loss. And they're not out of the race for home-field advantage, either. In order to ascend to the No. 1 spot, they'll need to defeat the Lions in Week 17 and then have the Seahawks defeat the 49ers on Sunday night. No matter where they end up, it will go down as a very successful regular season for new coach Matt LaFleur.

                              Next up: at Detroit

                              3. New Orleans Saints (12-3) - y
                              The Saints moved back to the third seed after the Packers' victory on Monday night, as Green Bay holds the conference record tiebreaker. The Saints have a number of scenarios for getting back into position for a first-round playoff bye, however. They include the following in Week 17:
                              • A win combined with a 49ers loss;
                              • A win and a Packers loss;
                              • Wins by the Packers and Seahawks.

                              Next up: at Carolina

                              4. Philadelphia Eagles (8-7)
                              Sunday's massive victory over the Cowboys put the Eagles in the driver's seat for the NFC East title. They can clinch it in Week 17 with a victory over the Giants or a loss by the Cowboys to the Redskins. The only way the Eagles would fall short of the division title, and miss the playoffs, is if they lost to the Giants and the Cowboys beat the Redskins.

                              Next up: at N.Y. Giants

                              5. Seattle Seahawks (11-4) - x
                              The Seahawks' unexpected loss Sunday to the Cardinals didn't impact their path to a potential NFC West title, but it will make it harder for them to clinch home-field advantage. The Seahawks can still win the division if they defeat the 49ers at home in Week 17. But to be the No. 1 seed, the Seahawks have one scenario remaining: a win plus losses by the Saints and Packers in Week 17. FPI says there is a 13.5% chance of that happening.

                              Next up: vs. San Francisco

                              6. Minnesota Vikings (10-5) - x
                              The Vikings' home loss to the Packers locks them into the No. 6 seed. They'll play at the No. 3 seed in the wild-card round of the playoffs. The last time the Vikings won a road playoff game was 2004.

                              Next up: vs. Chicago

                              In the hunt:

                              Dallas Cowboys (7-8): After losing Sunday in Philadelphia, the Cowboys need to beat the Redskins and for the Giants to beat the Eagles in order to win the NFC East. Otherwise, they will miss the playoffs, a disappointing finish that FPI projects as a 73.8% likelihood.


                              Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


                              • Looking forward to SF at Seattle, for the title, along with Philly hopefully beating The Giants to knock out Dallas.

                                Hard to believe but The Bengals have won the Burrows lottery. Thought Miami was going to be in the running right til the end. Might have been a costly OT victory, but they were still one game out of the selection, either way.

                                Our game will matter from a draft perspective, as well as Oakland still being in the hunt. Makes it that much more meaningful. Love to see Lock go 4 and 1.....but if not, we can cry over our better draft choices.