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Salary Cap Comparisons...Can Someone Explain It To Me???

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  • Salary Cap Comparisons...Can Someone Explain It To Me???

    Can someone explain it to me how the Cowboys are able to re-sign practically their entire team to mega contracts and bring in free agents yet we only have room for 1 big signing or re-signing every so often? Where are the Cowboys getting all this money from? And it appears they still have a ton left for whenever they decide to re-sign Dak.

    I think the only time we signed multiple big name free agent players was with Manning, Ware, Talib & Ward but since then it's been Von to a mega deal and that's it. Everybody else gets low-ball contracts and/or we go picking from he left-over bin in free agency.

    I'm just wondering how the Cowboys can re-sign all their talent to major deals while we've let most of ours walk over the years. Did past deals screw up our future money that bad or is Elway just that cheap?

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    The rams did this too a couple of years ago. I thinks it’s big signing bonus spread over time, and/or low pay that balloons near the end, where they expect to cut or restructure the player. A lot of rookie contracts on the books help a lot too. Seattle had the same situation a while ago. Then the roster purge started. It becomes inevitable with big contracts.

    I think the killer is a lot of those middle/high FA signings that eat up cap space where a good draft can keep that cost down