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Pats cut AB

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    He will go on and become very proficient at English, leading to a career as a book writer, of all sorts of "tales". Some tall.


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      Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
      .... and....

      Erstwhile Steelers, Raiders and Patriots receiver Antonio Brown, re-enrolled in Central Michigan University for about a week now, has learned something.

      There’s a play clock in academia, too.

      Last weekend, with a deadline looming, Brown looked to Twitter for assistance.

      “My English paper do by tonight 12am,” he wrote Sunday morning. “Need a prof reader make sure As and Bs #Eng303.”
      So he's cheating in school too ehh
      Red 98

      Kareem rises to the top


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        He is a reality show...just being alive...


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          Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
          So he's cheating in school too ehh
          Apparently he has to stay late, and come in on Saturday.


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            Originally posted by CanDB View Post
            I agree. There is something not clicking, and it is evident by the way he just goes deeper into the flame, than know when to move back, and accept the way things are.

            The dude is going to lose a pile of money, long term recognition as one of the best WRs ever to play, and a host of other things....possibly including folks close to him. Hopefully he is innocent of recent allegations, because that would take his situation to a whole other place.
            FTR, regarding the attached post....

            Sorry if my words were a bit misleading. But my intent was honourable. I do not side with guilty parties. And I certainly did not "hope" anything for AB (rather hoped "for his sake")....unless he is innocent of course. If he is innocent, he should be vindicated for any negative impact it has caused, plus whatever else needs to be evaluated for those involved. Like him or not, justice must prevail."