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    There are 3 QBs playing with the surname of Allen. Josh is the best known, given his role, but he is still getting his feet wet as a starter. Kyle looks to be taking the job away from Newton, and based on the little I've seen, he looks decent.

    Then there's Brandon, who is getting some start time with The Broncs.

    It is not that confusing, but it does not jump out at you, that QBs named Allen are all sticking around. Josh will. Kyle might. Brandon is a backup in my opinion. Who knows? Maybe it will sort itself out different.

    Meanwhile, when I think of The NFL and Allen, I think the outstanding RB - Marcus, or the superior Oliner - Larry, or the amazing pass rusher - Jared. Then again, if you look 'em up, there are a load of Allens who have played in the bigs, and many of them I don't remember.

    So ease up, right! Sorry QBs....if I mix up your first names for a while. Just remember, if you all do well, I will know who is who!