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Do You Have A Bit Of A Draft Hangover?? But More Important, THANKS NFL!!

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  • Do You Have A Bit Of A Draft Hangover?? But More Important, THANKS NFL!!

    Sports has been basically put aside from us of late. But The NFL kept on kickin, thanks partly to the window of opportunity in their schedule, the ability to which they could continue with Free Agency and The Draft, and as well, thanks to the league for staying the course. I am so glad they did! It filled many days of sports downtime, and kept things exciting, and for very little loss of quality in return. Record breaking draft viewership. Enough said.

    We still have "The Undrafted" portion of the show, and that's gotta be worth a little more fun and entertainment. But I must admit, I'm a bit hungover from the good stuff. Going to have to be patient now. Hopefully the games go as planned.

    Luckily, I think baseball and other sports, maybe even The NHL and NBA might get going again, within months. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    But regardless, thanks did it! You made the last couple of months better. As for the hangover, not so bad. I got so much to read up on, and investigate. And so much positive to dwell on, regarding The Broncos! None of that would be the case had you not forged ahead....even though I believed it was doable from the get go.


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    I definitely do now!!!


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      Very appreciative to have the draft. I thought the NFL did a nice job - imagine it was a technical challenge to pull off. Enjoyed seeing the coaches, players and families in their homes - they are experiencing the same aspects of being stuck at home. From that perspective I appreciated the draft more than before. The Broncos prospects seem promising. Let’s hope for the season!


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        I loved how the draft went. All the sad stories about family deaths and tragedies was rather awkward, but, all in all, I enjoyed it just being about the draft, the prospects and the teams. It was enjoyable without all the hoopla of big events, guest pick announcers talking trash to other teams and waiting for a personalized jersey to be made before announcing the pick..... I loved it. Too bad they'll feel the need to resume their extravagant overproduction as soon as they can.