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    Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    Here’s the article if anyone’s interested in reading through it

    I think it’s absurd to allow teams to jump potentially 16 spots in the 3rd round (possibly moving into the 2nd round) after the 2nd year and jumping up 5 in the 4th after a 3rd year just because they hired a minority HC/GM or to give out an extra compensatory pick in the 4th round for having a minority QB coach for longer than a season. I guess it would somewhat even out once the minority coaches start moving from team to team as then that team would get a 3rd or 5th round compensatory pick in return.

    The more I read the article the worse it sounds to me. Instead of legitimizing their coaching credentials they’re treating minority coaches like objects that can be manipulated for free draft picks. I do think the NFL does need to make some changes to it as how the rule currently stands it’s become just a check in the box and some good candidates do get passed over because they already checked that box and already have a person in mind for the job who is generally going to get the job regardless of what measures they put in place assuming the draft pick compensation isn’t passed which I think is absolutely the wrong way to go about it. I think it would be a very divisive rule that would create a lot of tension over time if not immediately.
    wow that's crazy. It almost seems like they're saying since you're taking a defective coach here's some compensation...These coaches aren't least no moreso than the any others. I dunno what to think. Glad I'm not having to make these kinds of decisions ...... what a mess.
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      Originally posted by atwaterandstir View Post
      As a business Owner, this sounds like an exploitable loophole.

      If this is being done because of some sort of good ol boy premise than why wouldn't these same Owners just use the rule to improve draft spots occasionally? Is it no less nefarious?

      Did I read it right? Two seasons in -you can fire that same coach and get rewarded with an improved spot? As long as they got 2 seasons? And then moving up a handful in the 3rd after 3 seasons? That sounds like a recipe for mediocre teams to rotate through certain coaches every two years. Certainly not as a plan, but an opportunity.
      good point I didn't pick up on
      The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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        Seems like a form of bonded labor or debt bondage - the coercion of a person to work in order to pay off incurred debt. The person hired must remain with the team for a specified period of time in exchange for higher draft picks or compensatory picks.


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          NFL is considering closing loophole that allowed Todd Bowles to be promoted to head coach.
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            Originally posted by broncolee View Post
            NFL is considering closing loophole that allowed Todd Bowles to be promoted to head coach.
            That's a shame. Looks like we lost our biggest supporter.

            "What is a woman?" Seriously!!!

            (see previous page....last post)
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              I do not like this based on race or sex.

              I do like kicking some of these old school coaching failures from the ranks of the NFL. Wish there was a better way of doing it.

              While I could be wrong as I am not part of the people talking to each other I think the only bias in the NFL is the bias to make money and win. There is no sexism or racism in hiring coaches or front office imo. I do think these people would do just about anything to win or make money including maybe selling out their own family. If there was a proven link between white male coaches losing money/games we would not see a single white male coach in a very short period of time.

              Now the amount of stupid decisions alone can throw that into question I suppose.
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                If the league moves forward with awarding draft picks for teams hiring women, the question posed previously is interesting. How does the NFL define “woman”?

                This question has to be answered - what is a woman?