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Texans QB Deshaun Watson agrees to 4-year, $160M extension

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  • Texans QB Deshaun Watson agrees to 4-year, $160M extension

    We pretty much all thought Mahomes got a super deal, but so is this, given he is not quite where Mahomes is. Watson gets a massive $111 million in guarantees.

    Lets face it, a highly talented young QB can expect major bucks going forward. If Murray has the kind of year many project and continue in that direction, he too will be rewarded big time, when he's due. As will any of the youngins who are either playing already or on the verge of making the big stage, and becoming franchise QBs. Our guy Drew is not there yet, but hopefully he will progress.....which will translate to the same expectation....HUGE contract. Maybe not as big as these, but lets wait and see.

    That's the way of the land.

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    Dak just got way too expensive. Cowboys should move on.

    At some point, teams need to have the courage to just go find someone else.

    Congrats to Watson for getting overpaid. The Texans aren’t going to win a Super Bowl.
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