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Chiefs vs. Raiders

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  • Chiefs vs. Raiders

    I don't know who to root for, help. It nwould be better for the chiefs to lose, but when I see all of those idiotic raider fans in the stands on tv hootin an hollerin I just cant, and I mean CANT root for the raiders. Besides, this could do the Faders in for good. Go Chiefs?

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    No, I know it's difficult. But I think you may have to put a peg on your nose, and kind of maybe hope for the Faders to win, as it will be best for the Broncos.

    But it will hurt you to do it, as it hurts me. However, not all things that are necessary are pleasant.
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      i know what you mean. i HATE the raiders as much as any other bronco fan. my dad sent me a shirt from denver a couple of years ago that the local radio station had printed. it said raider hater on it and i wear it everytime we play the grayders. BUT, at this point in the season, we really need for the chiefs to lose so we can keep on track with them. if the raiders had a better record and were playing better then it would be harder for me, but i have to root for the raiders this time. just this time though.


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        the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Screw that the raiders are still our enemy, but this time around it is beneficial for us for them to win. Oakland wins tonight and we are only one game back of the chefs.


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          this is really gonna hurt....but....GO FAIDERS...(I hope I neve rhave to say that again...) Its only 10-0, they can do it....they still got a half to go!


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            Originally posted by packerPRIDE
            dopiop got that ferty
            someone call Mensa... we got a genius here.
            [nelson] Hah Hah! [/nelson]


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              Whoa can't wait for this re-match... Will it be Gannon, Rick Mirer, or that ever un-reliable rapscallion Rob Johnson. So many playmakers... so little time...
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