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  • John Abraham reports the John Abraham just got Franchised Tagged, but may not stay in New York. Should we purse interest in him? I know one of our greatest needs is Pass Rush. And with Pryce's return questionable (due to injury), he may not be a bad option. We would have to make a lot of cap room however to obtain him in a trade.

    And his stats are here.

    Not to shabby. What do you guys think?
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    I don't think we can afford him and my thought is that he's gonna go for higher than market value. Basically, he'll get alot more than he's worth I think.


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      If the Jet's do franchise Abraham, which it's looked like they'd do for the last month or so, he'll be a jet next year.
      They will franchise him in order to use him as trade bait...they're trying to keep perhaps the best defensive front four in the nfl intact.

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        Eh, Im not sure Abraham can get what he wants for money, he is coming off that injury, so I think thats going to hurt him a bit as far as a big time contract goes, but we shall see. Maybe Minnesotta is willing to trade moss for him.